Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recording Artist/Celebrity ''Suga Shane'' of Mizay Entertainment

Suga Shane of Mizay Entertainment With His New Music, More Ambition, Same Attitude
New Single ‘No Chain’ Explains His Mindset, Work Ethic and More  

If you had to describe Suga Shane in five words or less, automatically adjectives coming to mind are: Humble, Hardworking, Diligent, Driven and Unstoppable. To say the least, he’s come a long way since signing a management contract with Mizay Entertainment. In the time since he arrived on the scene, he’s collaborated with mainstream artists’ from Waka Flocka to Gucci Mane to French Montana. In addition to his latest single ‘No Chain’, he’s also got a record circulating with Roscoe Dash titled ‘2 of Everything’ (I’m On It), both on par to be club favorites. He has at least three videos circulating including the visual follow-up to ‘No Chain’, a previous single ‘Take a Picture’ and tribute single ‘For All My Dawgs’. Needless to say, Suga Shane has everything to prove, lose and gain.  He has taken no days off on his quest for recognition and the stamp of approval. He’s had a steady and solid following since entering the game and constantly acknowledges the support and disdain of his fans and foes. 

One line that resonates with listeners on ‘No Chain’ in particular is “What the **** I look like shining/all my dogs still hungry!” a testament to his loyal nature and consideration for those aside from himself that have supported since day one. He brings the heat both with the new single and his latest video entitled ‘Fresh to the Floor’. Shane has stated “When I record a song, I get into the same mindset I felt when I wrote the song, that way I can feel the passion in my tone and delivery and I’m not just hearing the words.” 

To date, Shane has released and been featured on a myriad of mixtapes, currently available on various distribution sites including his most notable series Swag Like A Superstar, Volumes 1-3. He is currently in the studio working on new music as well as making his rounds on the club scene promoting his singles and showing why he has next up. No stranger to struggles or success, Suga Shane is taking this hip hop grind day by day. 

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