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Los Angeles, CA May 3, 2011 – In a society riddled with so many stereotypes, misconceptions, and distorted images of what it means to be normal and accepted, today’s youth have drawn a fine line between the popular and the outcast. According to the US Secret Service, bullying was a factor in 2/3 of the 37 school shootings reviewed as well 30% of students who reported they had been bullied said they had at times brought weapons to school. What we are dealing with is an epidemic with fatal repercussions and emotional scars that lead to difficulty adapting to society on both ends. Not to fret there is hope; in schools where there are bullying programs, bullying was reduced by 50%. Also helping combat this issue and raise awareness is YMCMB artist, Lil Chuckee, the youngest member on this highly touted roster. He introduced his “Stop the Bullying Tour” in March 2011 which coincided with the travel locations of the I Am Music Tour headlined by YMCMB CEO, Lil Wayne and First Lady, Nicki Minaj.  Lil Chuckee wanted to promote Education, Empowerment, and Accountability as well as give back in a way relatable to the individuals he spoke to.

Aimed specifically at high schools and youth detention centers, Chuckee took the time to visit over 20 locations speaking on the importance of staying in school, the impact of negative decisions, standing up for what is right, and exhibiting leadership. Along this journey he was accompanied by his Manager “Big Man”,’’FU’’
aka Momanger, road manager ‘’Body’’, Money Hungry Radio and his PR Kay Harris. In addition to high schools and detention centers, he also took the cause to radio stations to further express his concern for today’s youth. A humbling experience for all involved, Chuckee was most affected not just for headlining the tour but also because he was able to witness firsthand both gruesome and heroic stories from students touched by his thoughtfulness and compassion. “Stop the Bullying Tour” was as much a promotional campaign to raise awareness as it was a learning experience.

For more information on Bullying and Cyberbullying we encourage you to visit as well take a look at Lil Chuckee’s “Stop the Bullying Tour” commercial on YouTube. Be proactive about combating the issue, bringing justice and raising awareness in an effort to protect and uplift our community and world.

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