Monday, March 7, 2011

Brief Interview w/ BLACKSTORM (Music Artist/Producer)

I had the chance to catch up with ''Blackstorm'' an established Music Artist & Producer from Queens NY now residing in Raleigh NC to talk about his upcoming projects and New Official Video ''Hot Like Fire''...

PRKayHarris: So tell me how did you begin your career as an music artist?

Blackstorm: Well I Started by Dj'ing first at the age of 13yrs old, then from there I went to producing, studying music & the art of it. I started writing music in 97'' investing in myself and it all went from there.

PRKayHarris: With you relocating from NY what was your biggest accomplishment in the new state of NC pertaining to your music?

Blackstorm:  umm I gained a fan base quickly, the first music award event, I was nominated for the achievement award in NC, getting love from many DJ's and club promoters. But overall it was the heavy reconigniton and support of what I have been doing for so long.

PRKayHarris: Do you have a upcoming project that your working now?

Blackstorm: Im working on the street album which is the 3rd edition of Im the boss series. Hosted by the build ya brand Dj's. The album will be released in late march or april 2011.

PRKayHarris: What are some goals for your career/music 3yrs from now?

Blackstorm: In the near future I want to get the masses, having my music heard nationwide, I want people to be like awww Blackstorm (''he laughs) that successful mogul with a successful company ''protege'.

PRKayHarris: Who inspires you?

Blackstorm: I looked up to dj kid capri, he was the main person who motivated me, The lost boyz, especially  Freaky Ty, of course Dr Dre, Jay-z, Biggie and  50 cent, he was a child hood friend.

PRKayHarris: So you have a new video out ''HOT LIKE FIRE'' what was the breakdown of that project?

Blackstorm: Honestly when I got that record 2yrs ago, I knew it was going to be official. A few I had involved that supported was umm you of course{laughs} (''Kay Harris'') n the Glass Kandii Models, Ifilms/HD vision & Hamdiya Moore with filming and directing, the video was featured by the lovely ''Mica Swain'' also ''Hersh'' which he is from my hometown ''Brooklyn'' and many more. I let the people hear it including you first before it was released and everyone who listened loved it and thought it was def hot. It was released  feb 14th and all i can say, the rest is history.  

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